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What makes us unique?

There's a lot of hot chocolate around... Why Pip's? Let's take a look at a couple of reasons...

Nutritionally better

Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate Co uses only real chocolate and always natural ingredients. That means the sugar content is significantly lower, but the taste is better. Plus the natural nutritional benefits of real chocolate are there too – such as Iron, Copper, Molybdenum, and those all important Flavenols!


Not just the final product, but every stage is done by Pip. Designing and making the moulds, packaging, the artwork, marketing, website… The recipes are made and tested by Pip, and all ingredients are hand-selected by the Master Himself.

Allergen free

Pip provides products that are dairy-free, soya-free, and ALL products are made in a nut-free environment with no traces in the ingredients either. Safe for vegans, safe for nut allergies, and a solution available for anyone – even diabetics!

Just…. tasty!

Taste isn’t just about the flavour, it’s the whole experience. Mouth-feel, smell, visuals, are all important parts! Real chocolate feels far better in the mouth than powder as it blends properly with the milk, and your baristas get full training on how to make a Real Hot Chocolate.


Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Co is dedicated to the best hot chocolate for everyone

Q - What can be better than sitting back with a delicious hot chocolate?

A - The knowledge that it's made from REAL Belgian chocolate, and not an instant powder mixed with goodness knows what E-numbers.

There is so much emphasis on quality and range of artisan coffee, micro brew beers, specialist teas.... But when it comes to hot chocolate (my drink of choice), 99% of people will reach for the instant powder. Luxury means putting squirty cream and marshmallows on top, and often the manufacturer’s directions aren’t followed, meaning a bad drink.

Run by a chocolate artisan from his workshop in South Wales, Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Co changes the perception that this is okay, and pushes the need for quality hot chocolate in otherwise fantastic outlets, and at home! Pip developed a unique product specifically for coffee shops, giving a wide range of flavours and serving sizes with all natural gluten-free ingredients, made from real Belgian chocolate.

Try it today. Your customers will love you for it.

  • Customer satisfaction

    18 / 18 Facebook reviews are five stars!

  • Sugar content

    Half the sugar of the main competitor as standard, and speciality chocolate has even less


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Phillip Easton

Master and chocoholic
Phillip started making his own hot chocolate using real chocolate back in about 2005. A few years later he decided it was time that other people enjoyed that too! In August 2015 he left an office job to concentrate on chocolate full time. Without regret.
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Elaine Coia

CAD support and token diabetic
Elaine is utterly invaluable. Pip doesn’t pretend to know everything about everything, and Elaine can do far more with computer imaging than he can! Pip knows that if something needs to be right, she can do it for him.
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The chocolate

Tasty treat
Just as much a part of the company as any person! Plus there’s really not a lot of people involved right now…
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Fantastic support
Eleanor is a surrogate big sister to Pip, and supports his ventures all the time! An incredibly positive influence in his life, and this couldn’t have happened without her.


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