Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Co

Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Co is dedicated to the best hot chocolate for everyone

Q - What can be better than sitting back with a delicious hot chocolate?

A - The knowledge that it's made from REAL Belgian chocolate, and not an instant powder mixed with goodness knows what E-numbers.

There is so much emphasis on quality and range of artisan coffee, micro brew beers, specialist teas.... But when it comes to hot chocolate (my drink of choice), 99% of people will reach for the instant powder. Luxury means putting squirty cream and marshmallows on top, and often the manufacturer’s directions aren’t followed, meaning a bad drink.

Run by a chocolate artisan from his workshop in South Wales, Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Co changes the perception that this is okay, and pushes the need for quality hot chocolate in otherwise fantastic outlets, and at home! Pip developed a unique product specifically for coffee shops, giving a wide range of flavours and serving sizes with all natural gluten-free ingredients, made from real Belgian chocolate.

Try it today. Your customers will love you for it.

  • 47 / 47 Facebook reviews are five stars!

  • Half the sugar of the main competitor as standard, and speciality chocolate has even less

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