Custom Gifts & Favours

Well firstly, congratulations!  Whatever it is you’re celebrating, well done for that – I hope it goes well 🙂


One of the nicest things about celebrations is the gifts.  The more personal the better.  If you want to treat your friends and family, there’s probably no better way to do so than with chocolate!  The Real Hot Chocolate Co can really help you out with that.  With lots of options, from simple pouches with a custom design (just like the ones used in our Pip’s Chocolate For Milk brand), to chocolate on a spoon, to clear jars or cellophane cones which you can decorate however you want (or labelled ones if you want us to do the work.


You can even choose what to put in there!  Fancy a raspberry treat?  Go for it.  Do you like fudge best?  Then put some of that in!  And what about some glitter, or stars, or marshmallows to top?  Anything is possible – just ask and we’ll let you know if it’ll be any good or not.


Prices start from only £1.50 per favour with a minimum order of only 20 (depending on what you want in there).  To find out more, email