21st May 2021

Free Hot Chocolate!

Thank you for your interest in Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate. Some parts of this form are required, some are not – if you don’t want to answer those then you don’t have to. It will make no difference to the decision made.

Why is Pip doing this?
It’s been a tough year. And a bit. For all of us. This is to help you, and hopefully to encourage you to switch your hot chocolate over to Pip’s. If you are selected then a couple of weeks later you will be asked whether or not you want to continue to stock Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate, and if not then what the reasons may be – to know is to change and grow!!

Who is this for?
This is for businesses who sell hot chocolate fresh to the public for immediate consumption, who are not current customers of Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate (you guys are getting some other things with your next order!)

How many servings are in a kilo?
40-50 depending on your serving size.

When will I find out?
You will receive an email within three weeks confirming whether or not you have been lucky to receive a free kilo of hot chocolate or not.