3rd December 2014

The Real Hot Chocolate Co

Q – What can be better than sitting back with a delicious hot chocolate?

A – The knowledge that it’s made from REAL Belgian chocolate, and not an instant powder mixed with goodness knows what E-numbers.

The Real Hot Chocolate Co is dedicated to bringing delicious luxury hot chocolate back to the front of people’s imaginations!  With a unique brand – Pip’s Chocolate for Milk – and a number of other products available with international delivery, we hope you agree.  To back up the quality of the product, we will only use chocolate from the top suppliers, and any additions are of the highest quality and from natural sources and local producers as far as possible.

Take a look through the site – it’s not much at the moment, but if you have any questions you can always send over an email.

The Real Hot Chocolate Co is based in South Wales, and is appearing at the Cardiff Christmas Market on stall 53 (right outside House of Fraser in The Hayes) from 7th-13th December.  Pip will be there in person all week, serving fresh hot chocolate, and selling his uniquely flavoured Belgian chocolate mixes.

Hope to see you there!